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About Us

Myongdo Welfare Center Purpose

The Chinese Characters ٥Գ Myongdo means Bright Way. We hope to be a Way leading people with intellectual disabilities to a Brighter future.


Respecting the dignify and each persons we endeavor in enable persons with disabilities live as far as in possible for them a meaningful life in society. We hope to achieve them through offering various educational, rehabilitation and social training programs.


Myongdo welfare center celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2012. Commencing in 1985 a small apartment, it has now expanded to support the needs of over 700 children and adults in the Mokpo, Shin-An area.
The success of Myongdo Services over these 20 years has been the way it has changed in accordance with peoples needs and wishes, shows very clearly how the service expanded and changed according to the demands of service users and their families.

  • 1985. "Community of Life" - rehabilitation services for persons with learning disabilities
  • 1989. First group homes opened (Hyun-dai)
  • 1990. Second group homes opened (Hwang-sil)
  • 1992. Myongdo Welfare center opened
  • 1993. Early special education center opened
  • 1994. Third group homes opened (Il-shin)
  • 1997. Day Care center opened
  • 1998. Forth group homes opened (Sam-ho)
  • 1998. Early education center opened for young children
  • 2000. Home care service center opened
  • 2000. Sheltered workshop opened in Okamdong
  • 2000. The vocational training center opened
  • 2002. Computer education center opened
  • 2004. Respite care center opened
  • 2006. Extension of the center
  • 2007. Voucher System - Profoundly handicapped persons in their Home
  • 2008. Ranked 1st in the government evaluation of community rehabilitation centers for persons with disabilities in the Jeonnam area.
  • 2009. Voucher System - Children with disabilities

Introduction of Myongdo Welfare center

  • Director: Sr. Geradine Ryan. Columban Sisters
  • Opening Date: June 03. 1992
  • Facilities: Site - 2.590.27, Floor space - 1.775.84
  • Staff: Social workers
     : Special education teachers
     : Special physical training teachers
     : Vocational training teachers
     : Computer teacher
     : Art therapist
     : Sand play therapist
     : Speech physical therapists
  • Address: 25 San jeong-ro 199 beon-gil, Mokpo city, S. Korea
  • Phone: 82-61-279-4879
  • Homepage : http://www.myongdo.or.kr
  • E-mail : myongdo@hanmail.net